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fly, if you haven't got it, go west of celadon city and cut the grass before snorlax, follow the road and a lady in a house gives you it, beat the celadon gym and you can fly.

or go back through the tunnel north of lavender town

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Q: How do you get to lavender town from vermillion city?
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Where is lavender city on HeartGold?

Lavender town is south of Rock Tunnel (East of Cerulean City), due East of Saffron City and, lastly in Kanto (not Johto). So, go north from Vermillion (where SS Anne is) to Saffron city and then take the Eastern route to Lavender town.

What is the next city after vermillion?

That would be Celadon City. (You must go via Rock Tunnel and Lavender town to be able to access Celadon City)

How do get lavender town in Pokemon Red version?

Black Tunnel, East Saffron and Fishing Part North of Fuschia City and Vermillion City

Where is Water Path in Pokemon FireRed version?

water path is to the right of saffron city. down from lavender town and right and up from vermillion

Where is digletts cave on HeartGold?

Digletts Cave is in Vermillion city although you have to go to Lavender Town to have your pokegear updated to have the poke flute music put on it.

Where is Saffron city in soul silver?

above vermillion next to celadon next to lavender below cerulean city

Where is town on Pokemon SoulSilver?

What town!? Be more specific with your questions! There is the following towns: New Bark Town Cherrygrove City Violet City Azalea Town Goldenrod City Ecruteak City Olivine City Cianwood City Mahogany Town Blackthorn City Vermillion City Saffron City Lavender Town Cerulean City Celadon City Fuchsia City Pewter City Viridian City Pallet Town Cinnabar Island Seafoam Island

How do you awake the sleeping Pokemon to get to the diglett cave in Pokemon heartgold?

get the raido card from radio tower in lavender town and then go back to vermillion city and use the flute tune on the radio

How do you get to pewter city from lavender town?

If you do not have fly, go South to Vermillion, then go West to Diglett's Cave. Use cut to get onto the path that will be on the left once you get out of the cave, then go North.

How do you get to the gym in lavender city in Pokemon FireRed?

there is no gym leader in lavender town

After vermillion city where to go?

You may first want to go through Diglett's cave (there's a lot of good stuff on the other side of the tunnel), but eventually you'll have to go back to Cerulean City (Misty's Town) and cut down the tree on the eastern border of the town. You can then proceed east to rock tunnel, which leads to Lavender Town.

What city in Kanto has the radio tower?

Lavender Town