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Sinnoh Pokedex #135: Lumineon.

Good or Super Rod: Rote 219-221.

Super Rod: Route 205 (South) & 218, Canalave City, Valley Windworks, Fuego Ironworks, and Iron Island.

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Q: Where do you get Pokemon 135 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon platinum?
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Sinnoh pokedex number 135 Pokemon diamond?

# 135 on the pokedex in Luminion.

Pokemon pearl where is number 135 on Sinnoh pokedex?


What is Pokemon number 135 on diamond?

Pokemon number 135 in the sinnoh pokedex is lumineon, and in the national pokedex I don't know what it is. Sorry.

What pokemon is 135?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex, number 135 is Lumineon. On the National Pokedex expansion, it is Jolteon.

What Pokemon is 133 134 and 135 in the platinum pokedex?

133 is octillery 134 is finneon and 135 is lumineon

In Pokemon platinum what is number 135 in your Sinnoh pokedex?

lumineonYou get lumineon at Fuego Ironworks,Iron island,canalave City,Valley windworks, routes 205,218 and 220 (fish with a super rod).

What is No 135 in the pokedex on platinum?

no. 135 is jolteon

How do you get to see number 135 in Pokemon platinum pokedex?

If you mean no. 135 of Sinnoh's Pokedex, you will mean "Lumineon" or no. 135 of NationalFor Lumineon (135 of Sinnoh)You can find by using Super Rod (or better) on following mapCanalave CityValley WindworksFuego IronworksIron Island (Outside)Route 205 (South)Route 218Route 219Route 221Route 220Or else, you can own it by evoluted from Finneon (No. 134 Sinnoh) at Level 31For Jolteon (135 of National)You couldn't find it on world map, but you can evolve Eevee by using a Thunder Stone at any level.I hope my answer will help you.

Where do you find limineon Sinnoh pokedex no. 135 on Pokemon?

on the way to the Pokemon league battle everybody that's a lady & i think its the first lady that has luminieon

What Pokemon is 135 in Pokemon Platinum?

according to my pokedex it is lumineon the evolved form of finneon hope this helps

In the Sinnoh pokedex what is Pokemon number 135 on Pokemon pearl?

Lumineon It can be found on 219,218,220,and221 with a super rod in water. Or you can level up finneon to 30 and have it evolve.

How many Pokemon is in the hoenn region?

It's the HOENN pokedex and there's 200-135 hoenn Pokemon and 65 others.