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Q: Who Pokemon is number 135 in Pokemon Platinum?
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What Pokemon is number 135 in platinum?

It is Lumineon a water type. There is a trainer that has one..He/she(don't remember if it was a guy or girl) can be seen on your way to the Pokemon league.

What Pokemon is 133 134 and 135 in the platinum pokedex?

133 is octillery 134 is finneon and 135 is lumineon

Where do you get number 135 in Pokemon platinum?

First you go to heart home city if you have the national dex, and talk to bebe. then if you have a thunderstone use it on eevee and it will evolve into a jolteon. IT IS NOT A !"#¤¤#" JOLTEON!!!!! JOLTEON IS NUMBER 165 NOT 135 YOU NOOB!

In Pokemon Platinum what pokemon is number 169?

Pokemon Number 169 in Platinum is Leafeon

In Pokemon pearl pokedex where is number 135?

number 135 is corsola

Where do you see Pokemon 135 in platinum version?

The last gym leader has one

What Pokemon is 135 in Pokemon Platinum?

according to my pokedex it is lumineon the evolved form of finneon hope this helps

What is Pokemon number 151 in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon number 151 is Manaphy

What is Pokemon number 135 on diamond?

Pokemon number 135 in the sinnoh pokedex is lumineon, and in the national pokedex I don't know what it is. Sorry.

Sinnoh pokedex number 135 Pokemon diamond?

# 135 on the pokedex in Luminion.

Where do you find Pokemon number 135?


Where is Pokemon number 135?

Lumineon and Jolteon