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The ID For Pokemon Platinum(USA) CPUE d074d1b3

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Q: What is the ID number for Pokemon Platinum version?
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What is game id for Pokemon platinum version number?

The id code is:CPUJ BC3EA632

Id number for Pokemon platinum version on acion replay?

It is on the back inside the riges

In Pokemon platinum which Pokemon has the id number 13414?

It depends on the traners id number.The Pokemon with the id number 13414 would have to be caught by a trainer with that trainer number.My Pokemon sapphire version's trainer number was 30314. Pika pal 03.

What do you do if your Pokemon Platinum DS game has a completely different ID code for the Action Replay?

AnswerThe ID code for your Pokemon Platinum game will vary with the region you got it from. For example, the ID code for an Australian Platinum version will differ slightly from the American version. The following ID codes are used to identify Pokemon Platinum games from various regions:Australian version: CPUE - d074d1b3United Kingdom version: CPUE - 3b823103United States of America version: CPUE - d074d1b3 3811def6

What affects your ID number in Pokemon Platinum?

Your Name?!

The id number for Pokemon Platinum?

you can see the ID when you put the game in to your AR

What is the English version id for Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Platinum ID code is CPUE-DO74D1B3. I am not sure if the O is a zero or a 0. So try both. sry =( please recommend me.

Id number for Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Platinum ID code is CPUE-DO74D1B3. I am not sure if the O is a zero or a 0. So try both. sry =(

Why is your Pokemon platinum id number not working your Pokemon platinum game id number is CPUE-DO74D1B3?

if you want to get the REAL game ID, just pop in ur AR, turn it on, then put in Platinum, and look under the Unknown Game thingy. the ID will be right there. then write it down, and then enter the ID.

Pokemon Platinum game id code?

you need to put it into the action replay, it will tell you

What do you type in for Pokemon platinum version on action replay?

The US game ID is, CPUE-D074D1B3.

What Pokemon has the ID number 61762 in Pokemon Platinum?

I'm afraid that Pokemon get ID numbers from trainers, not themselves. There are only 493 Pokemon so Pokemon can't have a Pokedex Number that is 61762.