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No. There are rumors that they are extremely rare and cost millions of coins or stuff like that, but there are no golden puffles. If you have seen pictures of golden puffles online, the picture has been edited.


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Q: Are There Really Golden Puffles In Club Penguin?
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Are there really rainbow puffles on club penguin?

No, it is a rumor.

Is there really a white puffle in Club Penguin?

There was not white puffles in club penguin but now there is

Are there really rainbow puffles in club penguin?

There is rainbow puffles on club penguin now, the rainbow puffle have arrived on club penuguin in April 2009, to get it check this site:

How did Club Penguin create puffles?

well, club penguin said they didnt really make them but found them somehwere at the cove!

How can you get a golden puffle in Club Penguin?

Golden Puffles are myths even though youtube videos say that they're real.

Who made puffles?

The creators of club penguin and the puffles invented puffles.

What is a puffles on club penguin favorite food?

The most favorite food of puffles, on club penguin, is pizza, and cake.

What are all of the names of the Puffles in Club Penguin?

There are noactuallynames of the puffles. You can buy them and name them yourself.

What is the most popular color of puffles in club penguin?

The most popular color of Puffles in Club Penguin is blue.

How do you get a puppy on club penguin?

you can't there are only puffles on club penguin.

Who sells puffles?

The petshop in club penguin seels puffles.

How do you sell a puffles on club penguin?

you cant sell your puffles