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At the pet shop!

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Q: Where is the puffles on club penguin?
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Where are the secret puffles on Club Penguin?

The truth of the matter is that they're no secret puffles in Club Penguin. On YouTube and other sites, people fake making rainbow puffles and what not. The only puffles in Club Penguin are at the pet shop. Club penguin now has brown puffles!

How do you get fish as pets in Club Penguin?

You cannot get fish as pets in Club Penguin, but you can have puffles. Puffles are a type of pet that you can buy on Club Penguin. If you are not a member, you can only get two puffles, but if you are a member, then you can get more puffles.

Who made puffles?

The creators of club penguin and the puffles invented puffles.

What is the most popular color of puffles in club penguin?

The most popular color of Puffles in Club Penguin is blue.

What is a puffles on club penguin favorite food?

The most favorite food of puffles, on club penguin, is pizza, and cake.

Where are the two missing puffles in club penguin?

The missing puffles in club penguin is the brown one and the gray one

How do you get a puppy on club penguin?

you can't there are only puffles on club penguin.

Who sells puffles?

The petshop in club penguin seels puffles.

Can puffles have babies on Club Penguin?

No, puffles cannot have babies.

How do you sell a puffles on club penguin?

you cant sell your puffles

How do you do the missing puffles mission on club penguin?

You have to find the puffles.

Where do you get Club Penguin puffles?

On Club Penguin go to the plaza then go to the pet shop and click the puffles in the glass box.