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The most popular color of Puffles in Club Penguin is blue.

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Q: What is the most popular color of puffles in club penguin?
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In club penguin what color is the puple puffles tongue?

The color of the purple puffles's tongue is pink.

What is the most liked color for puffles on club penguin?

All of them.

What is the oldest puffle color in club penguin?

red because rockhopper introduced the puffles to club penguin and his was red

Who made puffles?

The creators of club penguin and the puffles invented puffles.

What color puffle turns into fire in club penguin?

Black puffles can turn into fire.

What is a puffles on club penguin favorite food?

The most favorite food of puffles, on club penguin, is pizza, and cake.

What are all of the names of the Puffles in Club Penguin?

There are noactuallynames of the puffles. You can buy them and name them yourself.

How do you get a puppy on club penguin?

you can't there are only puffles on club penguin.

Who sells puffles?

The petshop in club penguin seels puffles.

How do you sell a puffles on club penguin?

you cant sell your puffles

How do you do the missing puffles mission on club penguin?

You have to find the puffles.

Where do you get Club Penguin puffles?

On Club Penguin go to the plaza then go to the pet shop and click the puffles in the glass box.