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yourenot helping

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Q: You forgot your name for club penguin?
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You forgot your treasure book code on club penguin?

ME NAME IS Mich156

What do you do if you click forgot penguin on Club Penguin?

your penguin will disapear

Did they cancel Club Penguin?

no they did not cancel club penguin they just forgot to renew it.

Club Penguin forgot password?

If you forget your password, in Club Penguin, clicck forgot password. Then it will be sent to the email account you gave when making a penguin.

Are Club Penguin secrets also for Club Penguin elite penguin force?

Yeah, they are. You just need to do something... I forgot. Oops...

What the heck is wrong with Club Penguin?

I was wondering that too, but later I found out that they forgot to renew the domain name.

Forgot parent password Club Penguin?


Can you get unbanned in club penguin even though you got banned forever?

yes you can get unbanned theres a website but i forgot the name

What do you do if your club penguin account wont log in?

First of all, Club penguin has messed up your password. When you try to log in, click the forgot password button. It will ask you your user name and the email you used for your club penguin account. If a problem goes on, email or call the club penguin team.( Trust me this has just happened to me too.)

How do you get the bee costume on Club Penguin?

You have to be a memeber! or if you are... you can... i forgot. only if the month is october

What is the name of the newspaper in Club Penguin?

the club penguin times

What is the name of the Club Penguin movie?

The Club Penguin Movie.