Are puffles real in real life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, puffles are not real. They are a fictional animal on Disney's Club Penguin.

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Q: Are puffles real in real life?
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Can you get real puffles alive?

in real life no but in cp yes.

Will scientists make Puffles in real life?

Probably not.

How do you get puffles in real life and what price?

Toys R Us for 5.99$

Are puffles from club penguin real?

No they are not real.

Are rainbow puffles real?


Are club penguin puffles real?

The puffle character from the game site Club Penguin is not real. A person can purchase stuffed toys, which allow them to enjoy the toy in their real life.

Where can you buy puffles?

mostly you can buy them in the pet shop if you wanted to buy one in real life like the disney store shoppers drug mart

Where do you get puffles from?

You buy puffles in the pet shop on Club Penguin. Go to the Plaza and then to the pet shop. You can buy one or two, red or blue. Paying members can buy more, in any color. In real life - you can get a plush puffle from Toys R Us.

How do you get diamond puffle on club penguin?

those puffles are FAKE only the rainbow puffles are real all you have to do is get a jack hammer and tim the iceberg (it will take long)

Is puffles a real?

yes but if your free you can only have 2 member you can have5

Are puffles real?

of cource not, you can get a deformed chinchila and it might be the same? although there are the plushie versions. :)

Is the orange puffle real?

Ok. So far, in 2010, the orange puffle isn't real. There are eight types of puffles. They are- Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, White, and Black. There have been many rumors about whether orange puffles exist or not, but they dont, so far. Maybe there will be orange puffles... IN THE FUTURE! Ok, that's all.