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Deidara is in the first 30 shippuden episodes. The Gaara retrieval arc is all about Deidara, Sasori, and Gaara. Deidara loses both his arms in these episodes when fighting Kakashi.

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Q: Which episodes are deidara in
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Which episode does naruto vs deidara?

Episodes 28 - 30

What are the numbers that deidara appears in the original Naruto episodes?

If you mean episodes he's in episode 125 as a hologramn

What episode does Naruto fight deidara?

early on in naruto shippuden manga or ? In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto fights Deidara on episodes 28-30.

What are all of the episodes of Naruto deidara appear in?

The first time he appears is episode 135 as a hologram

Does sakura love deidara?

No way! Sakura has had feelings for Sasuke since she first met him in Naruto. You can also tell that she cares for Naruto as well. Sakura does not love Deidara because she loves Sasuke and Deidara is in the Akatsuki so he is a bad guy and she is a good guy. Also if you get to one of the Naruto Shippuden episodes (that has not come out yet) Tobi is unleashing a plan and he brings Deidara, Sasori, Hidan and others back to life (Deidara was killed by Sasuke in episodes 122 - 124) and when Sakura is helping defend the leaf village she kills Deidara in the process. She did it on perpose not just because she had to..... Deidara is to good for her anyway and they are like 4 or 5 years apart.

What episode has deidara and kisame?

There aren't any episodes with them together like talking, but there is one with Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori trying to talk Deidara into joining the akatsuki in Shippuden episode 124. And there is a few episodes in the beginning of Shippuden where they fight different people indirectly.

What epsiode is deidara resurrected by kabuto?

For Today, He hasn't been resurrected yet in any episodes, but he has in the Manga.

What Naruto episodes does deidara appear in?

Naruto Episode 135 (Hologram)Shippūden Episode 2 (In person)

Is deidara a boy or a girl?

Deidara is a man, not a girl!!! although i belive deidara is gay because deidara loves sasori and Tobi loves deidara

In what episode you will see young deidara?

they show him in two episodes : episode 123 ,clash and episode 124 ,art.. its an easy quetion..

What episodes of Naruto have Deidara in them?

In Naruto Shippuden, the main part Deidara is mentioned is in the start when he and Sasori of the red sand takes Gara to steal the kyuubi (a tailed beast)inside him and when Naruto goes to save him(episode 2-32)

When Gaara Fought against Dadaria do you think Gaara should have won the fight or Dadaria should have won the fight?

First of all, it's DEI-DA-RA, deidara. Second, you watched the episodes didn't you? Deidara won, unfairly, but he did. Had deidara been fighting on land and not in the sky, he would have most definitely lost.

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