Is deidara strong

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no way! Deidara is the strongest Naruto character.

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Q: Is deidara strong
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Is deidara stronger than sasori?

Deidara will first win until Sasori get's out of the puppet body and become himself(he turned himself in to a puppet).

Is deidara a boy or a girl?

Deidara is a man, not a girl!!! although i belive deidara is gay because deidara loves sasori and Tobi loves deidara

Does deidara love itachi?

No, Deidara is not gay.

Who was with deidara when deidara was fighting Sasuke?

Tobi was there with deidara. He helped at first, but when deidara used C4 karura, Tobi ran away

Is deidara 19?

Yes Deidara is 19

Is deidara a lady?

Deidara is a man, not a lady.

Is deidara a girl?

He is male.--Deidara is not a girl.

How do you beat deidara with nine-tailed Naruto?

All I did was I pressed down and strong, to build up my chakra and use my jutsu.

How do you beat the last level in Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3?

"Nine-Tail Naruto VS. Deidara". What i did was i just kept using his Strong attack combos like up Strong and Down strong(A button is Strong attack with the wii remote and nunchuk settings.). When deidara got too far away from me i did Down Strong and when he was close, Up Stong.(Up Strong is very affective when he lays spiders because you fly over them.) Be careful with your choices... good luck!

How is deidara?

Deidara is dead. But he was resurrected for the Fourth Shinobi war

Can you play as Deidara in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

No,Deidara is n the Shippudden Storyline. Ultimate Ninja 3 is not. Deidara is in UN4.

What day and month was Deidara born on?

Deidara is born on the 5th of May.