What is deidara's clan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Deidara's clan hasn't been revealed yet.

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It's an Iwagakure clan, named Akafura. Sorry for the really really really LATE response.
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Akafura i believe

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Q: What is deidara's clan?
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What is Deidaras birthdate?

May 5

What is deidaras mum loke?


What is deidaras blood type?


What is Nara Shikamaru's element?

deidaras element is earth, because in one of the episode kakashi finds out his weakness of how he produces his clay. he use the earth and mixes it with his chakra to mold it into reshapable clay.

Who will be deidaras couple?

No one,he's not looking for a relationship

What is that thing on deidaras eye?

it is like a radar like thing that can see like shatinggan

What is deidaras profession?

His first job was a Rock ninja, then he defected and became a freelancing terrorist, then an Akatsuki member

What is Deidaras birthday?

Deidara's birthday is on May 5th. And he favorite birthday present is an explosion un! ~Deidara

What is deidaras full name?

Deidara has no full name (which means no last name) or at least none that anyone knows of. He is simply 'Deidara'.

Who are the Cherokee tribe?

blue clan, longhaired clan, deer clan, bear clan, painted clan, wolf clan, bird clan,

What does the name Deidaras mean?

Dei means day Dara means flaw so it means dayflaw

Why is deidaras other eye metal?

It's not a metal eye. He wears a telescope on his left eye. It's actually quite useful in battle.