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There aren't any episodes with them together like talking, but there is one with Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori trying to talk Deidara into joining the akatsuki in Shippuden episode 124. And there is a few episodes in the beginning of Shippuden where they fight different people indirectly.

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Q: What episode has deidara and kisame?
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Why does Deidara call Kisame Kisame no Dono?

Dono means master.

Why does Deidara call Kisame 'Master Kisame'?

Because he has respect for Kisame. He also calls Sasori "Master Sasori".

Who are partners in the akatsuki?

Kisame & Itachi Sasori & Deidara Deidara & Tobi Konan & Pein Kakuzu & Hidan Zetsu

In which episode does Kisame die?

Kisame died in Naruto Shippuden episode 251.

How did Sasori and Deidara meet?

They met when Pain sent Sasori, Kisame, and Itachi to find Deidara to recruit him for the Akatsuki. Once Deidara joined the Akatsuki, he and Sasori became partners.

In what episode of naruto shippuden you can see deidara past?

in the fight against sasuke,but you can only see how did he look like with 14 and that kisame,itachi and sasori asked him to join akatsuki

What episode did guy use 6th gate on kisame?

14th Episode of Naruto Shippuden.. While Fighting With Kisame...

What episode shows Deidara's childhood?

We never get to see him under at least the age of 16. Although during the Sasuke vs. Deidara arc, we get to see him maybe a few years younger than he is now, when Itachi and Sasori and Kisame all went to make him a member of the Akatsuki.

Who is Cuter Gaara Kakashi Kankuro Shino Kisame Lee Deidara or Suigetsu oh and yes they both are so cute?

I would say Suigetsu... or maybe Deidara.

What episode did Deidara join the Akatsuki?

Episode 122 "The Hunt"Episode 123 "Clash!"Episode 124 "Art"(They only appear as flashbacks through Deidara)

What episode does deidara die?

episode 125 of shippuden

When will they make deidara in a episode of Naruto?

Deidara first appears in episode number 135: The Promise That Couldn't Be Kept.

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