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The first time Might Guy fights Kisame is in Naruto in episode 82 where Might Guy fends of Kisame from his comrades. Kisame and Itachi quickly leave after Guy's appearance. The second time Guy fights Kisame is in Naruto Shippuden in episodes 250 and 251

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just watched ep 82 this is wrong mate

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Q: What Episode Is it When Might Guy Fight Kisame?
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What episode does kisame fight killer bee on

Episodes 206 to 208 deal with Kisame fighting the killer bee on Naruto Shippuden. Kisame has also fought Suigetsu and Team Guy.

What episode did guy use 6th gate on kisame?

14th Episode of Naruto Shippuden.. While Fighting With Kisame...

Does Guy defeat Kisame?

Guy does not defeat the real Kisame, but he defeated the duplicate of Kisame that fought Guy. He couldn't have killed the real Kisame because Kisame's leader, Pain, had used the Shapeshifting Technique to make a duplicate of Kisame which was controlled by Kisame.

What episodes does kisame appear in?

kisame appeared in the first naruto anime on episode 81 with his close comrade itachi uchiha who sadly died in the shippuden. but kisame is still alive even in the manga as we speak but I think he is going to die soon in manga see manga 5o6 spoiler he battle might guy

Is kisame a good guy or bad guy?

Kisame is a bad guy because he is the main enemy

Who won the battle of kisame vs guy?

Guy won the battle. However, after the battle they discover that it was another ninja disgused as Kisame and not actually Kisame himself.

How do you get kisame on Naruto Rev?

One way is to just battle enough times. The other way is told on cheat code websites. Beat singal player with Might guy he might be a guy get he might never mind just play as might guy

In which episode does Herbert fight a German?

Season 9|Episode 11 "German Guy"

What if Vanessa and Suzy meet in an episode of Phineas and Ferb?

The chances are that they will see a cute guy and... posibly.... fight overt him. That's what might happen

What Shippuden episode does sasuke fight Kakashi?

Its in Naruto shippuden episode 13 and 14. Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and the old lady was fighting Itachi, while Neji, Tenten, Lee and Guy are fighting Kisame! I say this is a 2 in 1 battle!

What is the name of the shark guy in Naruto?

His name is Kisame

What episode does guy fight lee?

It was episode 196-Hot-Blooded Confrontation: Student vs. Sensei!