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The first time he appears is episode 135 as a hologram

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Q: What are all of the episodes of Naruto deidara appear in?
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Which episodes are deidara in?

Deidara is in the first 30 shippuden episodes. The Gaara retrieval arc is all about Deidara, Sasori, and Gaara. Deidara loses both his arms in these episodes when fighting Kakashi.

What are the episodes of Naruto?

All of them there are 235 episodes of naruto shippuden

How can Naruto defeat Deiddra?

Naruto is horrible against Deidara because all of Naruto's attacks consist of close range and most of Deidara's attacks consist of long range. After Naruto goes Kyuubi, Deidara gets beaten up by Naruto but flees thanks to his clay substitution. He was thought dead, but when he really did die was when he fought sasuke for killing orochimaru. He wanted revenge on orochimaru for betraying the Akatuski, which made him go after Sasuke. After they were both out of chakra, Deidara pulled something out of his body and he blew up. Bye Bye Deidara!

Who will be with Naruto?

It is unclear.For all episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden visit http://naruto.animefi.comYou can watch all the episodes there for free.

Who All Dead In Naruto New Season?

Deidara, itachi, sasori, pein, konan

Where to download all naruto episodes for which cost?

Try Narutocentral for links to download Naruto Episodes

Why doesn't Saske ever appear in the Naruto Shippudin series?

Well Or You haven't seen all Naruto episodes from the normal series or you don't know he will appear now most likely because he wishes to destroy konoha etc. or you have just started watching but he will appear more in the surrounding episodes 140 to 150 maybe more

How can you find other episodes of Naruto past the 151 except from hulucom?

you can watch all the naruto episodes at

Where can you find all Naruto Shippuden episodes?

well my fav. place to go to watch naruto is and it has bleach dragonball and one peice has all episodes in low and high resolution as well as all downloads to all Naruto Shippuden episodes.

When will naruto episodes 210 and 211 come out in English?

See the related link below for all Naruto episodes in english.

From which website you can download all Naruto episodes in English in least mega bytesmb?

try registering for and you will get all the English dubbed episodes of naruto

Were can you watch all of naruto episodes in English?

You can at Naruto and you can watch naruto shippuden in English.