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For Today, He hasn't been resurrected yet in any episodes, but he has in the Manga.

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Q: What epsiode is deidara resurrected by kabuto?
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Does Deidara come back after death?

deidara , nagato etc. will be resurrected by kabuto

Did kabuto really made deidara alive?

yes, kabuto did

When does deidara come back?

During the Manga. Tobi ( a.k.a Mandara) brings back Deidara, Sasori and a bunch of other people who died but they are under the control of Tobi

How is deidara?

Deidara is dead. But he was resurrected for the Fourth Shinobi war

Does Deidara and Sasori die after Kabuto resurrects them?

Yes, they "die" again.

What pokemon is in a dome fossil?

Kabuto can be resurrected from a Dome Fossil.

Who does kabuto bring back to life?

Kakuzu, Hidan, Deidara, Sasori, and Itachi Uchiha.

Can Kabuto bring the akatsuki back to life?

Well as the matter fact he did bring back the akatsuki members who were killled back to life by Orochimaru's Forbidden reanimation jutsu Pain kakuzu sasori Itachi deidara But they are all mere puppets of his hands just killing machines which kabuto own can control they will not be there real selves.... please ignore this because the people don't seem to know what's going on Nagato kakuzu Sasori Itachi Deidara are revived, not Pain, Nagato and Pain are still different in a way And Deidara, Sasori, and probably Kakuzu are still themselves in a way and Kabuto left Deidara to roam on his own not binded to Kabuto's will

In what chapter of Naruto does Kabuto resurrect Itachi?

Kabuto resurrects Itachi in naruto chapter 489. he also, resurrects Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu and Nagato.

Where do you find a kabuto in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After going through mt moon you can receive one of two fossils the dome fossil is a ancient kabuto bring it to the cinnibar island lab to be resurrected into kabuto.

Did Sasuke ever fight itachi?

No. Deidara dies before they could even fight. If Kabuto revived Itachi in part 3 then maybe they could have had an epic battle. (Deidara gets revived by Kabuto)

Do others miss Itachi Uchiha?

i miss him so much but itachi is actually alive again thanks to kabuto. kabuto used the reanimation jutsu and brought back itachi, deidara, sasori, nagato, and kakuzu back to life and now all of them are kabuto's salves.