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deidara , nagato etc. will be resurrected by kabuto

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It is unlikely because he blew himself up using CO.

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Q: Does Deidara come back after death?
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Will deidara come back?

Well, Maybe because Kishimato realized he had so many fans...

When does deidara come back?

During the Manga. Tobi ( a.k.a Mandara) brings back Deidara, Sasori and a bunch of other people who died but they are under the control of Tobi

Who is deidara girlfriend?

Nobody has said anything about a girlfriend. He has none.

Can Masashi Kishimoto make Deidara come back?

As the creator of the Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto has the ability to bring back Deidara if he chooses to do so in future works or storylines. However, decisions about character returns are ultimately up to the creator's vision and storytelling direction.

Is cotton expensive to buy?

Deidara is a art is better then yours.if you read this you i[deidara]will come bomb you and i will kill you again.un!

How did Deidara look when he was younger?

Like This: P.S: If the images don't come up, just type in "young deidara" on google images.

Why can't MK make Deidara come back?

heh he did come back in the manga with help of kabuto like sasori,kakuzu,pein and itachi so chapter 498# more akatsuki action....damn yeah

When in naruto does Deidara get his arms back?

He gets his arms back when he searches for them finds them and stiches them back on.

Why is hidan better then deidara?

He's not deidara is so much better, younger, blonder, and he comes back again, however, hidan does not. Therefore deidara is much better then hidan. But that's just my oppion.

Is Tobi sad about deidara's death?

probably not because Tobi is madara uchiha in disguise

Does ryuzaki come back to life in death note?

No, Ryuzaki (L) does not come back to life in Death Note after his death. His character remains deceased for the remainder of the series.

Where does the Akatsuki member Deidra come from?

Deidara is from the Hidden Stone Village in the Naruto series. He was originally a rogue ninja before joining the Akatsuki organization.