Did Sasuke ever fight itachi

Updated: 8/31/2023
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No. Deidara dies before they could even fight. If Kabuto revived Itachi in part 3 then maybe they could have had an epic battle. (Deidara gets revived by Kabuto)

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Yes Sasuke fighting Itachi, Sasuke won and sadly Sasuke was told the truth about Itachi Uchihia.

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Q: Did Sasuke ever fight itachi
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Will Sasuke and Itachi fight?

yes [warning spoiler sasuke kills itachi in shippuden]

Does itachi gives his sharingan to Sasuke after the fight?

Yes by Itachi dying in the hand of Sasuke it awaken the Mankeyo Sharingan.

Does itachi ever die?

Yes,Itachi does die sasuke kills him

Does itchi ever die from Sasuke?

yes,sasuke kills itachi

Does itachi ever come to save sasuke as he always promised?

they find each other in shippuden and yes they do have a fight to the death

What episode do sasuke and itachi fight but in the final battle?

in manga

Will Sasuke ever kill itachi?

Yes, he did in Shippuden.

Sasuke vs itachi?

yes i did not want to give spoilers but sasuke fights itachi and takes sasukes left eye and sasuke takes itachis right eye they keep fighting so finally sasuke kills itachi and does the head poke thing before he dies

How dld Sasuke kill his brother?

at episode 136 shippuden sasuke first got in the fight with itachi. by episode 139 the fight was over. he won because his chakra overbeat itachi's. itachi used susano'o and ameterasu but sasuke summoned orochimaru. In the end. (Spoiler) Sasuke later learns the uchiha secret. He learns his brother wants to die in the fight/.

How will Sasuke kill itachi?

He doesn't. They have an epic fight at the Uchiha Hideout and Orochimaru comes out of Sasuke with his Eight Headed Serpent Jutsu. Itachi uses Susanoó and seals Orochimaru, thus freeing Sasuke from the curse mark. Itachi was ill and his death was inevitable. He took medication to survive long enough for the fight with Sasuke. This will explain why he did that In summary, Sasuke doesn't kill Itachi. Itachi makes him think he killed him.

What date did the Sasuke vs Itachi fight occur?

The Sasuke vs Itachi fight occurred in the Japanese manga and anime, Naruto. Specifically, the battle was fought during the Shpipuden arc of the series.

Does itachi show up in the middle of Sasuke and danzo fight?

In an illusion