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She is only immune to powers that affect the mind eg. Edward can read minds but not hers. But jasper controlls emotions which is a physical power not a mental one. She has this because she is a form of a 'shield' which means she can protect her mind. It is her power.

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She isn't immune to EVERY power. Just the ones that have to do with the mind. Like, she is vunerable to Jasper's and Alice's.

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because Bella is Edward's girlfriend

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Q: When Bella is human why can't the vampire use their powers on her?
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How many babies will Bella and edward have?

1 which is renesmee. Bella has here when she is still human. Now that she is a vampire, she cant have children.

Why cant Bella have a baby as a vampire?

Because vampire bodies do not change. AKA she does not have her period.

In twilight does Alice Bella jasper edward Emmett Rosalie and renesmee always get along?

Yes, but rosalie can be a biach at times. Rosalie resents Bella for wanting to be a vampire, because she wants to be human and she cant be and Bella is a human and she doesnt appreciate her human life in Rosalie's eyes

Why would Bella become most powerfull vampire if she became a vampire?

Bella has a gift that she is immune to all mind gifts. Like Edward cant hear Bella just like Aro. Jane cant hurt her with her mind painfulness. Alec cant make Bella feel nothing either. So when Bella becomes a vampire, she will be able to push the shield out from herself and defend others.

Do Bella and Edward have any more children apart from Renesmee?

No because once Bella is a vampire, she cant

Why cant Bella usea her real name when she is a vampire?

She can. She does. At that point, though, she is known as Isabella Cullen, but they still call her Bella. :)

What is the name of Bellas baby?

To be exact the name of Bella and Edwards baby is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. She is a half human half vampire child because Bella got pregnant when she was human. Vampires cant get pregnant.This question was answered by: Ohhyehhbaby ;)

What is Bella surprised about when she first meets Edward?

that he is a vampire and how he cant control himself over her blood

Breaking dawn short summary without ending?

Well basically--Bella and edward get married. she gets pregnant on their honeymoon. she has half vampire/half human baby. Bella almost dies, so edward turns her into a vampire. Jacob imprints on the baby. then the volturri are gonna come so Bella practices being a vampire. then the volturri do come...and i cant say anything else without giving you the ending.

How do you make werewolf in Doodle God 2?

Beast + Wrath

What is the next twilight about?

the next twilight is about bella and edward getting married. in the movie new moon he purposed so in breaking dawn hes getting married with her and they have a baby. they put makeup on the girl to make it look like edward and bella. In breaking dawn part 2 (i cant belive theres a part two and no more! i think cause the author has writters block) bella gets sick cause since edwards a vampire the baby will be half human and half vampire so when the babys inside the baby will hurt bella cause its a vampire so i heard that bella is about to die so thats when edward has to turn bella into a vampire to save her from dying.

What can vampire childen do?

same thing as normal kids,but a vampire and a human cant mate,it could cause a monster