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Bella has a gift that she is immune to all mind gifts. Like Edward cant hear Bella just like Aro. Jane cant hurt her with her mind painfulness. Alec cant make Bella feel nothing either. So when Bella becomes a vampire, she will be able to push the shield out from herself and defend others.

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Q: Why would Bella become most powerfull vampire if she became a vampire?
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Will Bella become a wolf or vampire?


Does Bella become a vampire in the movie Breaking Dawn part 2?

Eventually Bella does become a Vampire, so the answer is YES. The main problem is that Bella became pregnant with a vampire, and this happened because her husband is a vampire as well. So as the half-vampire baby is growing inside Bella's belly, she has to drink blood to feed it. The baby then bites Bella on the inside which turns her into a vampire.

Will Bella become a vampire after her baby is born or before that?

Bella becomes a vampire after she has had her baby.

Does bella become a bad vampire?


How did Bella become injured in Breaking Dawn?

Bella became hurt because she was pregnant with a half-vampire baby. This baby grew incredibly fast and crushed several of Bella's ribs and her spine. Edward eventually had to tear Bella's stomach open and get the baby out. Bella became a vampire 3 days after because she would have died without Edward changing her.

Will Bella be a different actor in breaking dawn as a vampire?

Yes. From what the cast has said Bella will become a vampire.

Bella is getting prettier being a vampire Is that a correct grammar?

i think you mean "Bella got prettier after she became a vampire."

How old was Bella when she became a vampire?

18yrs. old

What motivated Bella Swan?

Bella Swan's aim is to become a vampire

Does Bella become a bad or good vampire?

Good vampire, of course!

Does Bella become a vampire in twilight eclipse?


What year does Bella become a vampire?