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Yes Bella will become a vampire in the book breaking dawn.....

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She will become a vampire when she is almost dying after the baby got out of her bottom. Then Edward will bite her a lot. He wants the venom to get to her heart fast so she doesn't die.

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Q: When will Bella become a vampire?
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Will Bella become a wolf or vampire?


Will Bella become a vampire after her baby is born or before that?

Bella becomes a vampire after she has had her baby.

Does bella become a bad vampire?


In twilight does bella become a vampire?

Bella does become a vampire but not until the last book breaking dawn

Will Bella be a different actor in breaking dawn as a vampire?

Yes. From what the cast has said Bella will become a vampire.

What motivated Bella Swan?

Bella Swan's aim is to become a vampire

Does Bella become a bad or good vampire?

Good vampire, of course!

Does Bella become a vampire in twilight eclipse?


What year does Bella become a vampire?


Dose Bella become a vampire in eclipse?


At what age does Bella become a vampire?

Bella is turned into a vampire by Edward after Renesmee is born in Breaking Dawn at the age of 18, but Bella is completely transformed into a vampire on her 19th birthday.

In what chapter does Bella become a vampire?

she fingers herself until she becomes a vampire