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because Edward and Bella cant talk aloud so they pass notes

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Q: Why where edward and Bella passing notes?
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What are some notes about Bella in twilight?

some notes about Bella in twilight : shes quiet ,LOVES edward,she moves with her dad to forks,and she goes to prom with edward.

In twilight what did Edward Cullen save the main character from?

Edward saves the main character Bella from many things.Edward saves Bella from passing out from seeing blood on her finger.Edward saves Bella from falling (many times)Edward saves Bella from being hit by a carAnd the biggest one is...Edward saves Bella from a sadistic vampire who is going to kill her.

How does Bella bruise edward by having it?

Bella doesn't bruise Edward, Edward bruises Bella.

Is Bella for Team Edward or Team Edward?

Bella is for Team Edward.

What notes are passed in Eclipse by edward and Bella in the English lesson?

The notes were about what happened in Forks, whilst Bella and Edward were in Jacksonville. Victoria attacks, she runs along the treaty line with the Vamps on the one side and the wolves on the other. Emmett makes a lunge for her and Paul thinks he goes over the line and theres a bit of a dispute and Victoria gets away. Bella gets very upset about Edward saying that she needs to be protecting and that he should stop lying to her.

What song is playing after Edward leaves in new moon when all the time is passing and Bella is sitting in the same chair?

Satellite Heart

What are the notes for Bella Swan's lullaby in Twilight?

Go to this site, it is free and GREAT

Is Edward And Bella's Daughter Human Or Vampire?

Edward and Bella's Daughter is both Human and vampire ,no its not edward bit Bella so Bella is a vampire then they had a baby and the baby is a vampire because both edward and Bella are vampire parents!

Who does Bella end with Edward or Jacob?

Bella ends up with Edward.

What song does Bella sing for Edward?

Bella never sings to Edward.

The differencece between edward and Bella?

Edward is a vampire, Bella is a human.

Who changed Bella into a vampire?

Edward Edward does in Breaking Dawn....when Bella is giving birth to Edward's daughter Renesmee.