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Edward Cullen then Bella Swan then later Bella Cullen

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Yes, Isabella ''Bella'' Cullen.

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Edward is Cullen and Bella is Swan

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Q: Does Bella take Edwards last name?
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Does Edward Cullen and Bella Swan break up in New moon?

basically Edwards family leaves and does not take Bella

What was the last thing edward said to Bella in the woods?

the very last thing he said was goodbye Bella take care of yourself

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After saving Bella in the "Twilight" book, Edwards asks Bella to talk to him to take his mind off of the prior events in order to keep him from going back to hurt the individuals from whom he just saved her. She begins talking and asking questions as a means of distracting him from his thoughts.

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What is the conflict in the book the tower treasure?

the conflict in breaking dawn is that Bella gets pregnant with Edwards baby and the voltri is coming to destroy their family because renesmee is a danger to the vampire world. another conflict can be that when renesmee was inside Bella, even though she was killing her, Bella still wanted to keep her, not knowing if she would survive or not

Who does Edward take Bella to meet?

Edward Takes Bella To Meet His Family...

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