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Q: Who is a famous singer 5 letters first name 6 last name if you take last letter of first name and entire last name you can rearrange to get the place which the singer is famous for singing?
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Rearrange these letters to spell a famous person rlsyvoealslseettn 9and 8?

Sylvester Stallone

If you rearrange the letters in western video what famous singer do you get?

Stevie Wonder = western video rearranged

No hat a smile describes a famous painting If you rearrange the letters they will spell the name of the painting What picture is it?

The Mona Lisa.

What is the name of the famous singing chipmuck?

Alvin, from the famous film series, is the most famous "singing chipmunk."

Why is Selena famous?

she was famous for singing

What is Michael Jackson famous for?

His variety of talents in music (dancing singing) .

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Ariana Grande is famous because of her singing and acting career.cause she is

Why does Nicki minaj like singing?

she like singing because she like it and she famous and that what famous people do

What are N-Dubz famous for?

They are famous for singing :)

What is Gloria famous for?

She is famous for her pop singing

Why is Stan walker famous for?

He is famous for singing.

Rearrange letters of each of these words to make a connected list unseat toecap renege hydra earl?

Those words can be rearranged to spell Austen, Capote, Greene, Hardy and Lear, all famous writers.