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nothing he left all of her birthday gifts under the floor boards. The only thing of her with him are his memories!!!

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edward takes Bella's presents from the party Alice threw for Bella and all the pictures of edward and Bella together and he hides them under her floorboards

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nothing. everything was placed under Bella's floor boards.

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Q: What did edward take with him of Bella when he left?
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Where did Edward Cullen dump Bella?

Edward left Bella in the woods outside her house.

What edward take from Bella when he left her?

all the things that will remind her of him, like all the photos of him.

Where did edward leave Bella after breaking up with her?

Edward left Bella in the forest after breaking up with her.

Who does Edward take Bella to meet?

Edward Takes Bella To Meet His Family...

Why did Bella and Edward leave the isle?

Bella and edward left isle Esme because Bella finds out she is pregnant and edward thinks that carlisle needs to see what is growing inside of Bella

What did Edward Cullen take from Bella Swan when he left Forks in New Moon?

He takes a cap doesn't he?

What would happen if Edward left Bella a second time?

if Edward left Bella she would probably go crazy and if he came back yell at him for leaving her

What did Edward Cullen take with him of bellas when he left?

Edward Cullen took Bella's heart with him when he left in the book "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer. He left Bella devastated and heartbroken, feeling like a part of her was missing.

Is when Edward left Bella internal or external?


What was the problem in twilight new moon?

Edward left Bella. Then Bella saved him in Italy.

Why did edward leve Bella in eclipse?

edward never left bella. he ended up going with her away from the clearing near a cliff.

Who did Edward save Bella from after she left the bookstore?

Edward saved Bella from at least 5 frap boys. The book did not mention their names.