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he didnt edward never left bella for another chick and there is not an ebany cullen there is only rosalie, esme, and alice (for the girls anyway)

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Q: Why did Edward Cullen leave bella for ebany Cullen?
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Does Edward Cullen go to Dartmouth with Bella Swan?

Nope. they don't go to college... if you want to know what they DO do, read the stuff crossed out. if you DONT want to know, leave. like, right now. l8r! :) ~Dez Edward and Bella go to Esme's Island for their honeymoon, Bella gets pregnant, has the baby but almost dies from it, edward saves her by turning her into a vamp, and Renesmee (the baby) is half human half vamp. itz awesome. :)

What was the restuarnt edward took Bella for the first date?

After the attack and Edward saving her, he drives her to the restaurant. There Jessica and Angela leave the two alone. The restaurant where they go into is Bella Italia.

Where does Breaking Dawn Part 1 cut off?

Jacob leave the tribe and help the cullen keep Bella and the baby save and Bella have the baby and dies so Edward bites her and as soon as the wolfs hear about the death of Bella they go after the babie to kill it and Jacob inprint on the baby so the tribe wont kill it ...then bella become a vampire.

In the Twilight series how many times does Edward leave Bella?

Edward proposed to Bella 4 times. Once in New Moon and 3 times in Eclipse, but he officially proposes on the last two pages of chapter 20 in Eclipse. Also pls go check out my YouTube channel “Alice In Randomland“!

Why cant Alice leave Bella when she is bitten in the twilight movie?

Alice can't leave Bella because before she is bitten James crushes her leg and fractures her skull so she is bleeding loads. Carlisle has to stop the bleeding if Edward wanted to suck out the venom. So Alice has to Splint her broken leg.

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Does Edward Cullen leave Bella?

yes, in the second book/movie he leaves her

When did Edward Cullen leave the Cullen's to try other ways at living life?

Edward Cullen left the Cullen family in the book "New Moon" after believing that his relationship with Bella put her in danger. He chose to leave to protect her, as he thought he was a danger to her well-being.

Why did Edward Cullen brke up with Bella Swan?

He was putting her in danger he that it was best to break up with her and leave

In new moon why does Edward Cullen leave forks?

because he thinks that Bella is in too much danger with him in the story.

Were did Edward Cullen go when he left?

He really didn't leave. He just wanted Bella to have a normal human. He was also searching for Victora because he killed James(her mate) and instead wanted to kill Bella not edward.......................

Why did Edward Cullen leave bruises on Bella Swan?

Edward accidently gave her the bruises while they made love for the first time on their honeymoon at Esme's Island.

Why does Edward Cullen have to leave Bella in 'New Moon'?

Edward has to leave because when he and Alice throw Bella a graduation party, she gets a paper cut while unrapping gifts. Jasper tries to attack Bella when he smells her blood. To keep Bella safe he and his family leave Forks. After that a hole lot of interesting stuff happens. If you ask what happens next I'll gladly answer. I am a Twilight adict.

Why did Cullen family leave forks in new moon?

it says on page 68 of new moon and because edward doesnt want to put Bella in danger anymore.

Where did edward leave Bella after breaking up with her?

Edward left Bella in the forest after breaking up with her.

Do the rest of the cullens leave Bella and edward in breaking dawn?

No, but Edward and Bella live on their own.

What year did Edward Leave Bella?


8Where does Edward leave Bella?

the forest