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Alice can't leave Bella because before she is bitten James crushes her leg and fractures her skull so she is bleeding loads. Carlisle has to stop the bleeding if Edward wanted to suck out the venom. So Alice has to Splint her broken leg.

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Because if she didnt Edward would take her New car away.

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Q: Why cant Alice leave Bella when she is bitten in the twilight movie?
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How did Bella get away from charlie when she had to leave forks in twilight?

She shouted at him and said she had to leave and she left

Why does Edward Cullen have to leave Bella in 'New Moon'?

Edward has to leave because when he and Alice throw Bella a graduation party, she gets a paper cut while unrapping gifts. Jasper tries to attack Bella when he smells her blood. To keep Bella safe he and his family leave Forks. After that a hole lot of interesting stuff happens. If you ask what happens next I'll gladly answer. I am a Twilight adict.

How come Jasper and Alice leave?

Its Because in Breaking Dawn They went to get Nahuel (The only other known halfbreed) and they then come back at the meeting with the Volturi to show them that half breeds can grow up to be normal. If you're talking about in Twilight it's so Bella will be protected from James, an evil vampire who wants to kill Bella.

Why did Rosalie hale in twilight have to blow on one of the trees in twilight?

Rosalie had to scent mark the tree as she was wearing Bella's clothing. She did not 'blow' on the tree but rubbed up against it and then smelt the tree to see if had been marked with Bella's scent.

Is Bella in twilight going to leave edward in new moon?

No. Edward is going to leave her and she is going to be depressed

In twilight the new moon where does edward leave Bella?

in the forest near her house

In the book twilight does Bella leave to go back to Phoenix?

No, Bella does not leave to go back to Phoenix in the book "Twilight." She stays in Forks throughout the series.

What classic novel did Alice tear a page from and leave as a clue for Bella?

The Merchant of venice by William Shakespeare

What did Edward promise Bella in twilight?

that he would never leave her or hurt her! ( i just got done watching it!)

When facing the volturi who did Bella choose to go with her?

Bella chose to go with Alice to face the Volturi. Alice had a plan to prevent a confrontation with them by showing Aro her vision of Bella as a vampire.

Does Charlie in Twilight die?

No, Charlie Swan does not die in the Twilight series. He remains alive and well throughout the books and movies, playing a supportive role in Bella's life.

Describe emotional and physical minor character Alice Cullen in new moon?

Alice organised Bellas birthday party insisting that Bella would enjoy it. when the cullens leave Forks the film shows Bella trying to contact Alice. After Bella cliff jumps Alice comes to see if she really is dead but she isn't. Alice sees Bella jumping off the clif bt she doesn't see Jacob rescuing her because she can't see werewolfs in her visions so she thought Bella hadnt been saved. They then go to volterra to save edward. Alice is very close to Bella and is upset when the cullens have to leave. I was quite upset because in new moon they completely changed Alice's look. They changed her hair so it wasn't as spiky (I mean that's her main feature THEY KILLED ALICE'S STYLE)and they made her dress sense more modern! hope i helped :p p.s TEAM JASPER!