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In order for Twilight * Page 274 (Edward says it) * Page 314 (Bella says it) * Page 366 (Edward says it in many words) * Page 418 (Edward and Bella) * Page 456 (Edward says it) * Page 479 (Edward and Bella) * Page 498 (Bella says it)

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Did Bella kill a Volturi

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In the first book, Twilight, after Bella said she loved him for the first time.

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Q: When in twilight the book does edward tell Bella you are my life now?
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Does Bella Swan and Edward Cullen out of twilight go out with each other in real life?

Do Bella Swann and Edward Cullen from Twilight go out with each other in real life?* Grammar is your friend. Bella Swann and Edward Cullen do not exist. They are fictional characters. The actors who play them [Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson], however, do appear to be dating each other.

What is external conflict of eclipse?

An external conflict in Twilight is when Edward is fighting James to save Bella's life.

What do the titles of The Twilight Saga mean?

Twilight-the end of the day, the begining of a night. New Moon-The New Moon is the darkest night of the month, because the sun does not reflect light on the moon. In 'New Moon', it is the darkest time in Bella's life because Edward has left her. Eclipse-there is a new light covering Bella's love for Edward Breaking Dawn- new passion comes in Edward and Bella's relationship because Bella becomes a vampire and they have Reneesme.

What was Bella thinking when Edward kissed her?

There are many times when Edward reads Jacob's mind but here is the one I think your talking about: when they are at Fork's Highschool Jacob is torturing edward with his mind. HE is thinking about Bella when edward left her. seeing her in pain like that tortures him

Is Bella going to be a vampire in twilight?

Bella does not become a vampire in twilight but does end up being one in the end anyway.. i do not want to tell you what movie because i don't wanna spoil it lol Bella does become a vampire, not in Twilight, but in the last book Breaking Dawn.

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In what Twilight book does Edward tell Bella that she is his life now?

When they are in the meadow.

What does Edward say about the time of twilight to Bella in the book?

he said to her:" do you want this moment to be the twilight of yours life."

In Twilight the movie Edward tells Bella You are my life now when protecting her from James But when does he say it in the book?

he don't

How do you find a website that gives chapter by chapter book summaries for the book twilight?

hey ya'll wats up?? newtest3 What happens in the book is that edward and Bella finally meet and Edward saves Bella's life and she finally figures out that edward is a vampire. Which puts Bella in danger. But Edward wins at the end and gets the girl

Why is there more Bella and Edward in twilight?

Edward and Bella are the main characters. there is the Cullen family, but the story is about the love life of both Edward and Bella, and not much else.

Who is edward going out with out of twilight?

Edward Cullen goes out with Bella Swan in Twilight! In real life Robert Pattison goes out with Kristen Stewart!

What are the names of Bella and Edward in real life?

Kristen Stewart-Bella Robert Pattinson -Edward

In twilight when Bella says i love u to edward how does he respond?

He says "You are my life now"

What do Bella and Edward call their dissagreement at the end of 'Twilight'?

Well there argument is about Edward turning Bella into a vampire. Simply Edward does not want to turn Bella into a vampire as he loved her and he didn't want her life thrown away.

What are some metaphors from the Twilight book?

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. -Edward Cullen,Twilight Before you,Bella,my life was like a moonless night. -Edward Cullen,New Moon You are exactly my brand of heroin. -Edward Cullen,Twilight Sorry,that's all I can think of right now.

Why did edward save Bella's life in twilight?

because he loves her and doesn't want her to become a "monster"

Who is Bella Swan from twilight going out with?

in real life, Robert Patterson, the guy who plays edward