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No because once Bella is a vampire, she cant

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Q: Do Bella and Edward have any more children apart from Renesmee?
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Why does Edward bite James?

In Breaking Dawn, when Isabella Marie Swan (Bella) gives birth to the child, Renesmee that she had with Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (Edward Anthony Masen) Bella almost dies. Bella almost dies because Renesmee is half human, half vampire. Edward quickly bites Bella, saving her life and injects a needle into her heart making the transition into a vampire easier and quicker.

How long was edward and Bella's honeymoon?

Bella and Edward go to Isle Esme for their honey moon in Breaking Dawn. On the island, Bella and Edward become...Intimate for the first time while Bella is still human. A few days later, Bella discovers that she is pregnant with Edward Cullen vampire-hybrid child. They name the child Renesmee.

Can edward see the future?

no edward can read anyone's mind apart from Bella's due to her capability of being able to shield her mind from any power. Alice can see the future of vampires and humans because she was a human and now is a vampire, she cannot see Jacobs future or renesmee's. if Bella is around Jacob that means she cannot see her.

Who did Bella meet at Edward's house?

Everyone apart from Rosalie and Emmett

What is the meaning of eclipse book cover by Stephenie Meyer?

the ribbon is Bella. she is torn apart between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. this what i think the cover of Eclipse is.

Where did edward want to take Bella when James was chasing her?

James want to kill Bella because he knows how much edward loves her and he would do anything to protect her from danger. edward and Bella love is not supposed to be so he wants to destroy the love that edward and Bella have for each other, because he has something that jameas doesnt have, so he wants to break them apart.

What was Bella thinking when Edward kissed her?

There are many times when Edward reads Jacob's mind but here is the one I think your talking about: when they are at Fork's Highschool Jacob is torturing edward with his mind. HE is thinking about Bella when edward left her. seeing her in pain like that tortures him

In twilight who are the three boys who like Bella apart from edward?

Tyler Crowly, Jacob Black and Mike Newton.

How does Bella and Edward do it?

they do it like normal people sept he intends to rip apart the head board and bite the pillows.

Why does edward follow Bella around?

He doesn't want to be away from her. When they are apart something always ends up happening to one of them, and seeing as Edward wont live without Bella, he stays with her except of course when she doesn't want him around.

What happens in Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer?

If ur really sure, read the following. Edward and Bella get married, and give birth to a baby. This baby almost kills Bella, by almost shredding her apart, so Edward has no choose but to bite her. If you've read New Moon, you would know about the Volturi. In this book, they come to kill the baby {Reneesmee} because they think it is a newborn. A newborn is when a vampire bites a child, who are always out of control. So the Cullens call on almost every vampire {friends} in the world for a stand off, just for witnesses of Reneesmee not being a newborn. A power was discovered when Bella turned into a vampire. You know how Edward can't read her mind? Well, when Bella turned, she discovered she is a shield against all mental powers, and is strong enough to spread that out around her.

Does Bella turn into a vampire and how?

Yes Bella turns into a vampire. During Breaking Dawn the books, she learns that during her honeymoon with Edward after their wedding, she had became pregnant with Renesmee. Since the baby was with Edward, the baby was part vampire and would be living off of Bella's blood. Bella was taken back to the Cullen House in Forks, Washington to be looked after by special hospital equipment of Carlisle's. As the baby grew, Bella seemed to get very weak and frail. She often had temperature changes from being extremely hot or suddenly feeling very cold. The baby was wanting more blood from Bella's fetus and since Bella needed the blood for herself aswell, Carlisle came up with the conclusion into having Bella drink blood from a donation fridge of blood he had due to working in the hospital. Edward however was not fond of this idea but it was the only way to keep Bella healthy and alive. Bella started drinking the blood and the problem began to become less wild and began to calm down again. A few days or weeks later the baby began to rip apart her skin as it was the only way to come out. A lot of Bella's blood was lost and Edward was afraid she wouldn't make it. Carlisle was at the hospital when this was happening so Edward had bit Bella in many places, injecting his venom into her blood line. The baby, who was soon named Renesmee, was born while Bella began to change into a vampire. It took 3 days of pain and burning through out Bella's body to complete her transformation. Once Bella was a vampire she learned that Jacob, a werewolf friend, had imprinted on Renesmee. Basically saying he'd be whatever she needed him to be, and would always be there. He'd do anything for her. All werewolves feel this way when they imprint. Bella also acquired a special talent as a vampire, with the proper training, she learned to expand a shield that she possesed inside of her around other people than herself blocking most vampire talents such as Jane's talent to inflict pain on other people. Bella can protect herself easily without struggle but to expand it is much harder and difficult for her. Renesmee also has a talent, a bit of a mix up from Edward's power. If Renesmee touches any part of you, she submits an image through your mind. Any image she'd like. For example, Renesmee is not fond of speaking since she has her talent, if she was hungry for blood she could simply touch somebody anywhere and show them an image of blood, or her going out hunting with Jacob, Bella, or Edward. Bella is known to be a very beautiful vampire, however not as pretty as Rosalie.This covers as much as I could possibly tell you without confusing you.. too much ;) I hope this helped you.Read the following if you want a shorter, quicker, and easier to read explanation!!Yes Bella turns into a vampire.After their honeymoon Bella finds out she is pregnant with a half human half vampire baby. The child sucks the life out of her and breaks her bones as it grows. When the baby is due they do it in a manner that makes her lose tons of blood so Edward injects his venom into her.