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He doesn't have a baby.

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Q: What is Justin biebers baby named?
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Is the chick in the video baby from Justin Biebers video named Stacy?

No, it's Jasmine Villegas

Was it Justin biebers baby?


How old is Justin Biebers brother aothony?

Justin Bieber does not have a brother named Aothony. He does have a baby brother named Jaxon. I believe he may be 1 years old.

Who sings Justin Biebers song Baby?

Justin Bieber

Who is Justin Biebers best baby sitter?

Justin Beiber does not need a baby sitter.

What is Justin Biebers ninth song?


Is it really Justin biebers baby trystan?


Justin Biebers dog name?

Justin Bieber's dog is named Sammy.

What is Justin biebers new perfume named?

Someday by Justin Bieber

What is the name of Justin Biebers 1st albumb?

the answer is baby

What is Justin Biebers most sucsceful song?


Who is Justin Biebers baby mom?

He dont have a kid!!