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Neither because he is not having a baby with anyone

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Q: What is Justin biebers baby is it a girl or boy?
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Is Justin biebers baby a boy or girl?

He does not have child to date.

Is Justin Biebers dog a girl or boy?

Justin Biebers dog is a girl her name is Sammy PS Jessica if u r reading this i found out before u hahahahaha PS and 2 all u other people i really don't know lol

What is Justin Biebers favorite boy celebrity?

Justin Biebers Favorite boy celebrity is Micheal Jackson, he is Justins biggest insparation

What is Justin biebers little brother and sisters last name?

Jazmin 3, and Jaxon 1. ^...................... ^ GIRL................BOY

How many kids dose Justin biebers dad have?

his dad has him and a little girl jasmine and a little boy jaxon

Can a boy go to Justin Biebers concert?

yes a boy can go to a Justin Biber concert

How baby boy or baby girl is formed during fertilization?

I had sex with justin bieber and now i have a baby boy

What is Justin biebers fav boy name?


When is rich girl by Justin bieber and soiljia boy going to be on itunes?

Hey its Patty Justin Biebers mom the song rich girl is goiing to be on itunes march 13, 2011 try to get it number 1 on itunes!

What is Justin Biebers favorite name for a boy?

His favorite name is KadenJustin Jr.

Justin Biebers favourite name for a boy?

ethean he sayd so in an interview

What is Justin biebers record company called?

Its called school boy records