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Justin Biebers date of birth is March 1,1994

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Q: What is Justin Biebers date of berth?
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What would be Justin Biebers favorite date?

Justin biebers fav date would be going to the pictures then going for a walk on the beach he said on an interview

What is Justin biebers favirote food on a date?


What are justin biebers favorite things to do on a date?

He likes to fornicate on a date, that's what.

Where is Justin Biebers favorite place to go on a date?

the beach

Is Justin biebers baby a boy or girl?

He does not have child to date.

When was the date Justin Biebers first concert?

I don't know Justin's fans should know

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Its mistletoe or baby

What is Justin Biebers idea of a date?

justin bieber likes a girl that is clean and has a good sence of humor

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Baby is a very popular song.

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History class with Mr. Akers!

When is Justin biebers sisters birth date month and year?

May 30, 2007

What was justin biebers most succsesfull song to date?

never say never and baby