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No Joel Bieber is not Justin Biebers dad. Justin Biebers dads name is Jeremy Bieber not Joel.

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no hes not they have no similar relations

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What!?!?! I thought they were related for a minute!(NOT because of their last names

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No. It is Jeremy Bieber.

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Q: Is Joel Bieber Justin Biebers dad?
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Who is Justin Biebers dad remarried to?

Erin bieber

Is usher Justin Biebers dad?

No... Justin Bieber already has a dad. His name is Jeremy Jack Bieber. He is close to Usher though.

Is jaxon Bieber Justin Biebers moms baby or dads?


Is Justin Biebers dad name jermery Bieber?


How did Justin Biebers dad die?

Justin Bieber's dad never died!!!!He is still alive <3

Is jaxon Bieber Justin Biebers half brother and are Justin Biebers parents together again?

Justin Bieber's parents are not together. Jaxon Bieber is Justin's half brother. Justin's dad and his new wife are Jaxon's parents.(:

What insturmant does Justin biebers father play?

Justin Bieber's dad plays the guitar.

Is Justin Biebers mam and dad together?

No they split up when Justin was very young

Is Justin Biebers dad in jail?

yes he is Justin bieber said it himself so now he has a stepdad and just loves his step dad heaps

Why does Justin Bieber's mom and dad live together?

Justin biebers mum and dad do not live together just him and his mum and his dad lives in Canada with his little sister and brother

When is Justin biebers mom and dads birthday?

Justin Bieber's mom's birthday is on April 2,1976. Justin Bieber's dad's birthday is on June 4. Sorry I don't know the year.

Where is Justin Biebers dad?

His dad's name is Jeremy Bieber, and he lives in Winnipeg Manitoba. Apparently he lives in Royal Wood.