Did Justin Biebers dad die

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, his dad did not die. His parents got a divorce.

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no his dad did not die.!

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Q: Did Justin Biebers dad die
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How did Justin Biebers dad die?

Justin Bieber's dad never died!!!!He is still alive <3

Did Justin biebers dad die in the war?

NO! he is alive and doing fine!

Is Justin Biebers dad aressted?


Is Joel Bieber Justin Biebers dad?

No Joel Bieber is not Justin Biebers dad. Justin Biebers dads name is Jeremy Bieber not Joel.

Are justin biebers half siblings from his dad or mom?


What age did Justin biebers mum and dad have him?

Justin's mom was 17 his dad was 21

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Who is Justin Biebers dad remarried to?

Erin bieber