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This is an easy question i know everything about Justin Bieber .It is the number one hit ''Baby''.

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There are:

- Baby

- U Smile

- Never Say Never

- Pray

My favourite song is Stuck in the moment by Justin Bieber:)

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Q: What is Justin biebers most famous songs?
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Which of justin biebers songs are the most famous?

His most famous song is one lonely girl and one time

What is Justin Biebers creativity?

I think Justin Biebers creativity comes from his heart unlike most singers

What is Justin Biebers most sucsceful song?


What is Justin biebers most unusual talent?


What is Justin Biebers nickname he hates the most?

Little girl lol

What is justin biebers most common word that he says?

Swaggie swag

Who is the most important person in Justin biebers life?

michael jackson

What Justin Biebers most success full song?

Its so Baby

What is justin biebers most successful song?

i would have to say baby

What is Justin biebers most succestfull song to date?

Its mistletoe or baby

Who is Justin Biebers most recent girlfriend?

caytlin beadles!! Justin Bieber is currently dating Selena Gomez.

What are the three most famous songs by Justin bieber?

One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, and Baby