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naruto shippuden episode 2 or 3

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2011-04-10 16:26:34
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Q: What Shippuden episode does deidara first appear?
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When was deidara's first tv appearnce?

Deidara makes his frst tv appearance when himm and sasori are making their way up to the sand village in the first episode of shippuden

On what episode did Ino first appear in Naruto Shippuden?


What are all of the episodes of Naruto deidara appear in?

The first time he appears is episode 135 as a hologram

In what chapter of Shippuden does Hinata first appear?

Chapter 282/episode 33

What Shippuden episode does Hinata appear?

Episode 33. Also her first faint of the Shippuuden series! XD

What Naruto Shippuden episode does Shippuden Sasuke first appear?

episode 1 , 46 ,47, 48, 49 and episode 50 these are the first few episodes heres a link for free episodes

Is episode 52 of Shippuden the same as episode 1?

The first minutes of the first Shippuden episode is the same as in Shippuden episode 51.

When does pain appear in Naruto Shippuden?

First AppearsIn Naruto Episode 16 in a jutsu

In what episode does deidara join the akatsuki?

He was just in the akatsuki in the first Shippuden episode but there is a flashback of when he joined in a later episode. I for get the number. I think it is 123 or something like that and i also think the name MIGHT be The Hunt.

When will they make deidara in a episode of Naruto?

Deidara first appears in episode number 135: The Promise That Couldn't Be Kept.

In which episodes of Naruto does Danzo appear?

First time Danzo appear is in Naruto Shippuden Episode 32 Source :

Which episodes are deidara in?

Deidara is in the first 30 shippuden episodes. The Gaara retrieval arc is all about Deidara, Sasori, and Gaara. Deidara loses both his arms in these episodes when fighting Kakashi.

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