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it helps him to zoom at objects like a mini binocular he lost it in battle with sasuke

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Q: Naruto Why does Deidara have technology as his eye?
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Which episodes are deidara in?

Deidara is in the first 30 shippuden episodes. The Gaara retrieval arc is all about Deidara, Sasori, and Gaara. Deidara loses both his arms in these episodes when fighting Kakashi.

Which chapter in Naruto reveals Deidara's past?

Deidara's past is revealed in chapter 359 of the Naruto manga, titled "Those Who Dance in the Shadows..." This chapter explores Deidara's background as a former Iwagakure shinobi, his artistic philosophy, and his encounter with the Akatsuki.

Who created Deidara?

Masashi Kishimoto (the creator of the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden series) created Deidara.

Is deidara strong?

no way! Deidara is the strongest Naruto character.

Who does Deidara love in Naruto?

Deidara loves no one. He only loves his art.

How do you kill deidara when your Naruto?

you have to jump and smash into deidara,then sidestep and use your special repeatedly.

Is Deidara going to be in naruto clash of ninja revolution?

No. The United States is not far enough in the series to put Deidara in it. The U.S. is not even into Naruto Shippuden yet, and that is where Deidara makes his debut in the Akatsuki.

Can you play as Deidara in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

No,Deidara is n the Shippudden Storyline. Ultimate Ninja 3 is not. Deidara is in UN4.

When in Naruto does it show deidara as a kid?

where sasuke battles deidara around episode 129-131

What episode does Deidara come in on Naruto?

Debut is Naruto Shippūden Episode #2

What episode of Naruto shippuden is when sasukae fights deidara?

Tobi and Deidara appear at the end of 122 and the fight is from 123 to 124, where Deidara dies..

How can Naruto defeat Deiddra?

Naruto is horrible against Deidara because all of Naruto's attacks consist of close range and most of Deidara's attacks consist of long range. After Naruto goes Kyuubi, Deidara gets beaten up by Naruto but flees thanks to his clay substitution. He was thought dead, but when he really did die was when he fought sasuke for killing orochimaru. He wanted revenge on orochimaru for betraying the Akatuski, which made him go after Sasuke. After they were both out of chakra, Deidara pulled something out of his body and he blew up. Bye Bye Deidara!