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It's after the ending credits in episode 25 of naruto shippuden.

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Q: What episode of naruto do sasori and deidara talk about orochimaru?
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What episode does sasori show his real body to deidera?

sasori shows his real body to deidara in episode 21 of naruto shippuden

When does naruto go tailed beast?

Naruto vs. Haku, Naruto vs. Orochimaru, Naruto vs. Kimimaru, Naruto vs. Sasuke, Naruto vs. Deidara/Sasori, Naruto vs. Orochimaru, Naruto vs. Pain.

What episode does Deidara find out that Sasori died?

The episode title is Aesthetics of an Instant, it's episode number is Thirty in Naruto Shippuden.

What are the aksuski names from naruto Shippuden?

Sasori hidan tobi nagato kisame kohnan zetsu itachi deidara kakuzu orochimaru (former)

What episode is diedara and sakura?

if you mean fighting then never. Sakura and SASORI battled. she battled with lady chio againsed sasori, people who fought deidara were Naruto, Kakashi, and Sasuke. but deidara killed himself by detonating himself.

What episodes of Naruto have Deidara in them?

In Naruto Shippuden, the main part Deidara is mentioned is in the start when he and Sasori of the red sand takes Gara to steal the kyuubi (a tailed beast)inside him and when Naruto goes to save him(episode 2-32)

How did Deidara join Akatsuki?

Sasori needed a partner since orochimaru left the akatsuki, he was sasori's partner. Pein the akatsuki leader, sent sasori, itachi, and kisame to get deidara. Once there deidara refuesd to join so itachi made him a deal. If he won deidara will have to join by force, and if deidara wins, itachi will leave him alone and leave. Because itachi used the sharingan deidara had lost. THERE YOU HAVE IT.

Whp dies in naruto Shippuden?

if u really want 2 know,jiraya,orochimaru,itachi,deidara,sasori,hidan,kakuzu,nagato,asuma,kakashi but then gets revived,your mom

What episode of Naruto does Kakuzu give Deidara new arms?

Kakuzu doesn't give Deidara new arms. Don't you remember? In one episode deidara says "The Sand Jinchuuriki blew my arm off, good thing my man sasori made me a new one"

Who All Dead In Naruto New Season?

Deidara, itachi, sasori, pein, konan

In what episode does the art guy die in Naruto Shippuden?

It depends who you are talking about, Sasori (the puppet guy) dies in episode 28. While Deidara (the dude with mouths on his hands) dies in episode 124 in a blaze of glory.

Who the guy from Naruto that has a mouth on his hand?

his name is Deidara. He is a member of Akatsuki and was partnered with Sasori and Tobi,

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