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Naruto vs. Haku, Naruto vs. Orochimaru, Naruto vs. Kimimaru, Naruto vs. Sasuke, Naruto vs. Deidara/Sasori, Naruto vs. Orochimaru, Naruto vs. Pain.

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In the original series in season 5

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Q: When does naruto go tailed beast?
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Tailed demands from Naruto?

there are 9 tailed beasts (demons) . but they have been taken by the akatsuki. naruto is the nine tailed beast.

Are there beast tribes in Naruto?

No. There are no tribes in Naruto. There are tailed beasts. (naruto being the nine-tailed fox host) And there are villages.

What is the name after a tailed beast is put in a human in naruto?


In Naruto what does the 5 Tailed Beast Look like?

The 5 tailed beast looks like a dolphin/horse tailed beast. You can find the picture at this website: :D

Is there aten tailed beast in naruto?

Yes. According to 'Madara' [masked guy] in volume 49 of the manga, there is a ten-tailed beast. It is formed when you combine the nine tailed beasts.

Is tails really a fox?

The nine tailed fox inside Naruto's body is a fox. It's a supernatural creature which comes from Asian folklore like Korea's. It's original name if 구미호(kumiho) which basically means nine tailed fox. There are 10 tailed beast in Naruto world. Only the nine tailed beast is fox other tailed beast resembles different animals like 1 tailed beast is raccon

What episode is the 2 tailed beast in?

In episode number 21 of naruto shippuden.

What was the first tailed beast did the akatsuki get?

If I remember correctly the first tailed beast they collected was Gaara, the Shukaku. The first one they attempted to retrieve was Naruto, The nine-tailed demon fox, or Kyubi.

What is Sora beast in Naruto Shippuden?

Sora does not have a beast, just a portion of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox's chakra which Naruto Uzumaki absorbed back into himself.

Who is the jinchriki of the 3 tailed beast in naruto shippuden?

The last jinchuriki was Yagura who was able to have full control over the beast.

How did naruto dad create the rasengan?

He watched Kushina use the tailed beast bomb

Why cant naruto turn into a tailed beast form?

because he canyt contol the ninetails