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there are 9 tailed beasts (demons)

. but they have been taken by the akatsuki. naruto is the nine tailed beast.

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Q: Tailed demands from Naruto
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How do you get 4 tailed fox Naruto in Naruto legends akatsuki rising?

You don't. You can't. You can get Naruto with 1 tailed fox and Naruto with 9 tailed fox. But that is it. :)

How do you get naruto to turn into nine tailed fox mode 4 on naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 4 tails Naruto nine tailed fox?

u cant turn naruto into the nine tailed fox only one tailed naruto you can turn into the one tailed naruto by presing SELECT

Which tailed beast is Naruto?

Naruto is/was the host of the nine tailed fox, Kurama.

Does orochimaru have one of the tailed demons in Naruto?

No orouchimaru doesn't have a tailed demon from naruto

Are there beast tribes in Naruto?

No. There are no tribes in Naruto. There are tailed beasts. (naruto being the nine-tailed fox host) And there are villages.

What is the best genjutsu for Nine tailed naruto?

i dont think nine tailed naruto can do genjutsu

How many tailed beast do Naruto have?

He has only one Which is the last 9-tailed Demon fox .Jinchuriki means 'the host of tailed beast'.In Naruto world only 1 tailed beast can be sealed per person. So Naruto has one which is the Nine tailed fox.Sora was a replica of Naruto's Tailed Beast's chakra.

How do you unlock the nine tailed fox in Naruto vs bleach?

The combination "JK" should work, but you must have Level 3 chakra. Awakening Mode: Naruto -> 1-tailed Naruto -> 4-tailed Naruto

Did Naruto become nine tailed beasts?

in cartoons naruto have only 1-4tailed in manga 5-9 tailed so naruto really become the nine tailed fox

Is one tailed Naruto on Naruto clash of ninja 3?

mid 2008 or early 2009 no, but Naruto has a special attack that gives him some powers from the nine-tailed fox. but it's not as powerful as when he is one tailed naruto. One tailed naruto is however a selectable character to Clash of ninja 4.

9 tailed demon fox in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3?

the nine tailed demon naruto is not in ultimate ninja heroes 3......there only is the four tailed state naruto

How many of the tailed beasts in Naruto are gone?

all but 1 (8) all but naruto nine tailed fox.

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