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No orouchimaru doesn't have a tailed demon from naruto

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Q: Does orochimaru have one of the tailed demons in Naruto?
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Will naruto beat orochimaru at last?

No Sasuke is the one that kills orochimaru after he has completey surpassed in his training.

How do you get naruto to turn into nine tailed fox mode 4 on naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 4 tails Naruto nine tailed fox?

u cant turn naruto into the nine tailed fox only one tailed naruto you can turn into the one tailed naruto by presing SELECT

Is one tailed Naruto on Naruto clash of ninja 3?

mid 2008 or early 2009 no, but Naruto has a special attack that gives him some powers from the nine-tailed fox. but it's not as powerful as when he is one tailed naruto. One tailed naruto is however a selectable character to Clash of ninja 4.

Will Naruto become one tailed Naruto in the psp?


WHo runs faster on all fours the Wolfman or One Tailed Naruto?

W man because naruto one tailed is weak

Who is stronger Naruto or orichimaru?

naruto because if you watch the beginning of shippuden you will see that naruto almost killes orochimaru

Which character will be in naruto box set 16 special edition?

one tailed naruto

How many junchuriki does Naruto has?

Naruto only has ONE junhuriki. He has the Nine tailed fox.

Is there a one tailed Naruto in Naruto council 3?

I broke the game more than 3 time and he doesn't go 1 tailed. Sorry

What game can you turn into 2 tails Naruto?

Sorry to say but their is no game that you can turn into 2 tailed naruto But he turns into 4 tailed in one of the games =)

Are there more than one nine tail in naruto shippuden?

no naruto is the only 9 tailed

In which order did the naruto demons get captured by akatsuki?

1.The Five-Tailed Gobi (Host:Han) 2.The Seven-Tailed Nanabi (Host:Fu) 3.The One-Tailed Shukaku (Host:Gaara) 4.The Two-Tailed Nibi (Host:Yugito Nii) 5.The Three-Tailed Sanbi (Host:Yagura) 6.The Four-Tailed Yonbi (Host:Roshi) 7.The Six-Tailed Rokubi (Host:Utakata) And of course the Eight Tailed-Hachibi (Host:Killerbee) and the Nine-Tailed Kyuubi (Host:Naruto Uzumaki) are still fighting.