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he is homesick, and stressed

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Q: In Lord of the Flies why are ralphs fingernails bitten?
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What was ralphs meeting about in Lord of the Flies?


What does ralphs dad do in the Lord of the Flies?

he is in the navy

What did The savages raid Ralphs tent for in lord of the flies?

Piggy's glasses

What might ralphs daydreams symbolize in lord of the flies?

the civilized world.

Who is in ralphs tribe in the beginning of lord of the flies?

-Piggie -Sam -Eric -Some "little ones"

What does the double sharpened spears symbolize in the Lord of the Flies?

that jack is going to cut off ralphs head and feed it to the "MONSTER"

In lord of the flies what now is ralphs only weapon and how did he get the weapon?

In The Lord of the Flies Ralph's only weapon is a stick that has been turned in to a spear. He took the stick that was being used to mount the pigs head.

What is Ralphs reaction when he encounters the Lord of the Flies?

he kicked down the head of the sow and took the stick to use as a weapon against jack

What was ralphs idea to get rescued in lord of the flies?

They would build a fire to create smoke so a ship or plane would see them.

In the lord of the flies what is jack and Ralph's relationship?

it was in a very bad conditions as jack had created his own tribe and was trying to sabotage ralphs tribe

What 2 kids left Ralphs group for jacks group in lord of the flies?

Sam and Eric. But they were forced to by Ralph so that they wouldn't get killed.

What is Ralphs preoccupation in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph's main focus is to be rescued by keeping a fire going so that the smoke will signal any passing ships.