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Because in the end of the chapter, Jack's tribe attacks Ralphs tribe. Piggy thought they were after the conch (The Shell) but instead, they stole Piggy's glasses for fire usage (The Glasses)

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Q: Why is chapter 10 in lord of the flies called The Shell and The glasses?
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What is the symbols in the lord of the flies chapter 4?

piggy's glasses.

In Lord of the Flies chapter 10 What happend to Wilfred?

Wilfred was tied up and left for several hours before being beaten.

What is the title of chapter three in lord of the flies?

The Sound of the Shell.

What will happen to piggy without his glasses in chapter 9 in lord of the flies?

He can't see!!

How is a fire started in chapter 2 of lord of the flies?

By Piggy's glasses and the sun reflecting off them

What page does jack steal fire from Ralph in Lord of the Flies?

There is no attack by Jack's tribe on Ralph and his followers. Jack led a night-time raiding party, comprising of himself, Roger and Maurice, to steal Piggy's glasses in chapter 10: The Shell and the Glasses.

How does the boys start the fire in chapter 2 of Lord of the Flies?

They started the fire by useing Piggy's glasses

Who said i thought they wanted the conch in lord of the flies?


In Lord of the Flies chapter 4 who finds Piggys glasses for him?

Simon retrieved Piggy's glasses for him, after they had fallen onto the rocks as a result of Jack punching Piggy.

Importance of the pig in chapter 1 lord of the flies?

Piggy's glasses were used as a burning glass by Ralph to light the fire.

In Chapter 11 Lord of the Flies Answers?

Chapter 12 is the final chapter of Lord of the Flies and it is called Cry of the Hunters.

'in lord of the flies chapter 2 in what ways is piggy the voice of reason?

Piggy is the voice of reason in chapter 2 because he insists that they make a fire so they can be rescued. Also in this chapter they use his glasses to light the fire.