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Piggy's glasses

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Yes, it does

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Q: What did The savages raid Ralphs tent for in lord of the flies?
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Why do the hunters raid ralphs group?

To steal Piggy's glasses.

How does Piggy lose his glasses in Lord of the Flies?

They are stolen during a night time raid on the shelter by Jack, Maurice and Roger.

What does Jack steal in Lord of Flies chapter 10?

Jack accompanied by Roger and Maurice raid the shelters and steal Piggy's spectacles.

Can raid kill flies?

yes, if you get the Raid for flies and mosquitoes. It does work and keeps working if new flies enter the sprayed area.

In Lord of the Flies what item does Jack have?

At the end of the book Jack still has Piggy's glasses, which he had stolen during the night time raid on the shelters.

How was Piggy handicapped in the Lord of the Flies?

Piggy's vision was very poor without his glasses. He was also the only chubby boy in the group, which might be considered a handicap. Piggy was the Voice of Reason, but not apparently a leader.

Why did Jack launch a vicious raid in Lord of the Flies?

The power has shifted in the book. Jack has all control and Ralph's power has faded almost completely. Jack launches this raid to seize even more control, and to prove to himself and to others that he is the strongest, most powerful person on this island!

What happens during the raid in Lord of the Flies?

Jack, Roger and Maurice raid the shelters on the beach during the night. In the darkness there is a fight but from the descriptions given by Ralph and Eric it appears they were actually fighting each other. Meanwhile Jack and his accomplices achieved their aim and left in possession of Piggy's glasses.

Which kids are left in the assembly in Lord of the Flies?

When Ralph blew the conch to called the final assembly, after Piggy's glasses were stolen during the night time raid, the only boys who were present were Piggy, Samneric, a few littluns and Ralph.

What is in raid that is maid in raid?


Which is faster raid 1 or raid 5?

raid 5

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