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Piggy's glasses

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Q: What did The savages raid Ralphs tent for in lord of the flies?
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Who is the raid in lord of the flies?

In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, the raid refers to when Jack's tribe attacks Ralph and the boys loyal to him in an attempt to capture Piggy's glasses. This raid marks a turning point in the novel as the boys descend into violence and chaos.

Can raid kill flies?

yes, if you get the Raid for flies and mosquitoes. It does work and keeps working if new flies enter the sprayed area.

In Lord of the Flies what item does Jack have?

Jack has a knife in "Lord of the Flies," which he uses as a symbol of authority and power over the other boys on the island.

Why did Jack launch a vicious raid in Lord of the Flies?

The power has shifted in the book. Jack has all control and Ralph's power has faded almost completely. Jack launches this raid to seize even more control, and to prove to himself and to others that he is the strongest, most powerful person on this island!

What happens during the raid in Lord of the Flies?

Jack, Roger and Maurice raid the shelters on the beach during the night. In the darkness there is a fight but from the descriptions given by Ralph and Eric it appears they were actually fighting each other. Meanwhile Jack and his accomplices achieved their aim and left in possession of Piggy's glasses.

What page number shows jack steal piggy glasses on lord of flies?

Jack steals Piggy's glasses in Chapter 4 of "Lord of the Flies," which varies depending on the edition and formatting of the book. You can find this scene towards the end of the chapter where Jack and his tribe raid Ralph's camp for the glasses.

Which kids are left in the assembly in Lord of the Flies?

When Ralph blew the conch to called the final assembly, after Piggy's glasses were stolen during the night time raid, the only boys who were present were Piggy, Samneric, a few littluns and Ralph.

In Lord of the Flies chapter eight what does Jack's raiding party steal?

They steal a burning branch from the fire near the huts. They steal a burning branch from the fire near the huts.

Why do the hunters raid ralphs group?

The hunters raid Ralph's group because they want power, control, and dominance over the other boys on the island. They are attracted to Jack's leadership and the promise of hunting and violence, which appeals to their primal instincts. This leads to a power struggle and conflict between Ralph's group, focused on civilization and order, and Jack's group, focused on savagery and chaos.

Who accompanies jack to steal fire from Ralph group in lord of the flies?

Prior to holding a feast on the beach Jack, accompanied by four hunters visited Ralph's group at the shelters. Two unnamed hunters grabbed burning braches and ran off along the beach with them. Jack, flanked by Maurice and Robert, delivered a speech inviting the rest of the boys to his feast. Later in the book Jack selected Roger and Maurice to accompany him on his raid to 'get fire' from Ralph's group, infact they stole Piggy's glasses.

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