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He asks him to sharpen it at both ends with intent of putting one end in the ground and the other end to have Ralphs head on it. This is not explicitly stated in the novel but we know this because of the Lord of the Flies

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Q: What does jack ask roger to do to a stick?
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What can you infer roger and jack intended to do with the stick that sharpened at both ends?

roger and jack decide to cut off the pigs head and mount it on the sharpened stick as a gift to the "beasty"

What preparation have jack and roger made for Ralph according to sam?

Samneric tells Ralph that Roger sharpened a stick at both ends. This means that when they kill him, they will put him on the stick like the pig's head.

What did jack and roger have planned for ralph?

put his head on a stick like the pig's head. Kill him like a pig!!

Why does roger sharpen a stick at both ends in lord of the flies?

The pigs head, which was offered to the beast, was mounted on a spear which had been sharpened at both ends. One point to hold the head and one point to stick into the ground. The implication is that Jack intends to behead Ralph and then mount his head on a stick as an offering to the beast.

What do Sam and Eric warn Ralph about at Castle Guard?

They warn Ralph that Jack plans to hunt him the next day and that Roger has "sharpened a stick at both ends."

Who said the quote They hate you Ralph They're going to do you Roger sharpened a stick at both ends in the book The Lord of The Flies?

Jack-it wasn't Jack but, it was Sam n Eric(the twins) which told Ralph.

When does roger prepare a sharpened stick at both ends?

-Spoiler warning- The only other time a stick is sharpened at both ends is after Jack killes the sow and offers the head to the beast for protection. It means that Roger wants to murder Ralph, cut his throat, and put his disembodied head on the stick as an offering to Satan.

Which three boys explore the island in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph, Jack and Roger search the island and climb the mountain in their search for "the beast."

What is Roger's role in Jack's tribe?

It seems that Roger has become the unofficial second in command to Jack and also chief torturer.

He jumped over the candle stick?

Jack jumped over the candle stick in the children's nursery rhyme. "Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack jumped over the candle stick"

What does it mean in Lord of the Flies when Jack approached Roger a darker shadow crept beneath Roger's skin?

It seems to mean that Jack's presence was drawing out the evil in Roger.

Why was the sick sharpened at both ends?

When Jack and his hunters killed the Sow, Jack ordered that a stick should be sharpened at both ends, so that he could stick one point in the ground and mount the sow's head on the other point, to leave it as an offering for the beast. As it turned out the ground was rocky and the stick was simply jammed into a crack. However, later in the novel, when Ralph asked Samneric what Jack planned to do to him one of the twins told him that "Roger sharpened a stick at both ends." The obvious inference was that Jack and his hunters intended to kill Ralph and mount his head on a stick as an offering to the beast.