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It seems to mean that Jack's presence was drawing out the evil in Roger.

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Q: What does it mean in Lord of the Flies when Jack approached Roger a darker shadow crept beneath Roger's skin?
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As the novel progresses, the darkness spreads not only on the island, but is referred to throughout the characters. The darkness really starts to get noticed when Jack breaks away from Ralph and Jack has "his side of the island." Jack's side of the island is dark. However, as the Id triumphs over the Ego and Superego (Jack gains power over Ralph and Piggy), the whole island becomes dark. Actually the island on fire (not just regular fire, that represents a whole new importance) is also a representative of an indirect dark because the island is now a "personal hell" i.e. the fire engulfing the island.Sources:8th Grader; Reading book in English; have an amazing English teacher.

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