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They warn Ralph that Jack plans to hunt him the next day and that Roger has "sharpened a stick at both ends."

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They warn him of the stick sharpened at both ends.

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Q: What do Sam and Eric warn Ralph about at Castle Guard?
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Driven by fear and hunger Ralph manages to make contact with sam n Eric guard at the castle rock of what do they warn him?

Sam and Eric warn Ralph that Jack and the others are going to hunt him tomorrow. There for they are going to kill him

How does Ralph learn of jack's plans for him?

Samneric tell him while they are on guard at Castle Rock.

How does Ralph learn of Jacks plans for him in chapter 12 in the book lord of the flies?

Sam and Eric warn him

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Does the lord of flies warn Simon of upcoming violence?

the lord of the flies warn Simon of upcoming violence by referring back to the dreams jack and Ralph told the young boys were nightmares and how Simon foresaw the the beast

Who killed Simon in the Lord of the Flies?

Jack, Roger, and the Littluns kill Simon when he shows up to warn them.

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Jack warned his tribe about a number of things. Firstly that if they went hunting they should avoid the mountain and leave the heads of their kills as an offering to the beast. He also warned them to be on their guard as 'the others' (Ralph's group) might try to sneak in, to 'spoil things.' After consideration Jack added that the beast might also try to come in.

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