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Clarence Earl Gideon was born on 1910-08-30.

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Q: When was Clarence Earl Gideon born?
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Who played Clarence Earl Gideon in the film Gideon's Trumpet?

That was Henry Fonda.

How old was Clarence Earl Gideon in 1963?

Clarence Earl Gideon was born 1910, and was 52 years old when the US Supreme Court released its decision in Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 US 355 (1963). He turned 53 years old in August of that year.

Who was Clarence Earl Gideon's lawyer in his final trial?

Gideon was represented by a local attorney, Fred W. Turner, at his second trial, State of Florida v. Clarence Earl Gideon. He was acquitted after a brief jury deliberation.

What was the outcome of Clarence Earl Gideon's second trial?

Gideon was acquitted at his second trial.In Gideon v Wainwright, 372 US 335 (1963), the US Supreme Court vacated the judgment in Clarence Earl Gideon's original trial and remanded he case for a new trial. Gideon was represented by attorney W. Fred Turner at his second trial, State of Florida v. Clarence Earl Gideon, and was acquitted after a brief jury deliberation.

What is gideons trumpet based on?

Clarence Earl Gideon and right to an attorney

Did Clarence Earl Gideon ever find his children after his release?

no never even tried

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Why did Florida deny Clarence Earl Gideon counsel?

Florida denied Gideon counsel because until Gideon changed that in 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in Betts v Brady,(1942) that the right to counsel was only for capital crimes, such as murder or rape. Therefore, when Gideon asked for counsel the judge replied no due to the fact that it wasn't an option at the time.

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The 14th amendment was important to Clarence Gideon because it gave him?

Freedom of Speech