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You should probably read the book instead of asking the internet to do your homework for you.

Reading is good for you as a human being, you won't regret doing it :)

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When jack returns to Ralph and Roger, he tells them that the boar must be the beast.

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Q: In lord of the flies what is jacks answer to ralphs question in chapter 7?
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What 2 kids left Ralphs group for jacks group in lord of the flies?

Sam and Eric. But they were forced to by Ralph so that they wouldn't get killed.

Two of ralphs group is now part of jacks who are they?


In lord of the flies how does jacks tribe find out where Ralphs shelter is?

Sam and Eric tell Jack that Ralph said he was going to hide near by so they go looking for him there.

How does Ralph learn of Jacks plans for him in chapter 12 in the book lord of the flies?

Sam and Eric warn him

How did jacks attitude change by living on the island in lord of the flies chapter 3?

He becomes more obsessed with killing a pig.

What two people from ralphs group joins jacks group?

Sam and Eric; the twins, also called Samneric in the book

What does jacks tribe steal from ralphs tribe?

They took Piggy's glasses, and fire from Ralph's camp.

In the lord of the flies who has not joined jacks group yet?

In the book The Lord of the Flies by chapter 9 Ralph, Piggy, and the twins are the people who have not joined Jack's group. After the twins are captured and Piggy is killed that leaves Ralph as the one person who is not a part of Jack's tribe.

What word evades jacks memory lord of the flies?


What people does piggy tell that jacks dangerous in lord of the flies?


What is Jacks excuse Lord of the Flies?

He was eating for a good place to stab him

What does jacks tongue resemble in lord of the flies?

cause he likes muking bin