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The album thriller made millions maybe even trillions of dollars

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the song thriller was one of the best songs in the world

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In 1982, when the album came out.

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Q: How did the song Michael Jackson thriller do?
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What is Thriller?

Thriller is the song sung by Michael Jackson!

What the best Michael Jackson song?


Which singer sung Thriller?

Michael Jackson sang the song Thriller.

Who wrote the song Thriller by Michael Jackson?

Micheal Jackson was the composer of Thriller.The greatest song in music history. Jess.W Michael Jackson performed "Thriller", but it was composed by Rod Temperton.

What is a Popular Michael Jackson song clip?

Thriller is a popular Michael Jackson song or sound clip.

What werewolf song is by Michael Jackson?

The name of the video is Michael Jackson's Thriller, and "Thriller" is the song itself. It is the title cut from the album Thriller. A link can be found below for more information.

Why did Michael Jackson do the song thriller?

It was a song written for him to sing.

How did Michael Jackson get the idea for Thriller?

The idea of Thriller was not Michael's. Rod Temperton wrote the song.

Who mad the album the thriller?

Michael Jackson recorded the album and song "Thriller."

What album made Michael Jackson most famous?

it was most likely to be thriller since that's the best song

Is the song thriller by Michael Jackson real?


What song made Michael Jackson rich?